Autumn Blue wedge heels

US$ 247.00

  • -Product Description

    The Autumn Blue heel shoes by Suzhou Cobblers has a 9 cm (3.5 inch) heel. This height discourages some people. But notice the beautiful blend of color and embroidery. After we found a new small wedge heel, we decided to make a version with a smaller heel.

    Upper: Chrysanthemum flowers hand-embroidered on the side of the shoe

    Shape: Loose fit shoes for most feet.

    Material: The midsole is soft leather and the sole is natural cowhide, suitable for indoor and outdoor wear

    Heel: small wedge heel

  • +Return Description

    Note: size matters at Suzhou Cobblers. Customized orders are handmade and cannot be returned. Please follow Suzhou Cobblers instructions on sizing to ensure the correct fit.

  • +Clean Description

    How to clean silk shoes? That's difficult, as silk can't easily be cleaned -- UNLESS IT IS PROTECTED IN ADVANCE. The first step is to protect the shoes so that they won't easily get dirty. And if the protection is done correctly, silk can be cleaned. Oil based protective sprays like this for materials including cotton and leather usually also work with silk.

    To apply, spray the protection on the surface of the shoes to create a layer that will repel water and grime. Whichever brand you choose, make sure it is designed to protect material.

    To clean after the protection is in place, dab a small amount of clear detergent on a damp white towel and gently tap on the dirty area. Still, take care. Suzhou Cobblers products aren’t waterproof. Our products aren’t usually suitable for foul weather and the protection won’t help much on a rainy or snowy day.