Suzhou Cobblers

Shanghai-born Denise Huang designs Chinese slippers, shoes, handbags, hats and clothing that recall her hometown’s stylish roots. 

The specialty item at Suzhou Cobblers is a line of all-silk, 100% hand-sewn slippers. Denise says she is inspired by Shanghai’s grandest era as a fashion capital. Her footwear features vibrant colors and playfully elegant patterns, appropriate for stepping onto the dance floor or shuffling around the house.

Denise began designing slippers in the 1990s with a goal of demonstrating pride in China's traditional styles. 

On National Day in 2002, Denise opened a tiny shop steps from Shanghai’s historic Bund. For around 18 years, the Suzhou Cobblers boutique showcased Denise's lively patterns on special footwear, unique handbags and fun shirts.

Her window displays complimented a grand skyline and dressed up the Bund. The shop became a must-visit destination for visitors from around the world and Denise earned a reputation for her ever-expanding collection and attention to detail. 

Each design is Denise's. But a group of expert women and men gets credit for the quality craftsmanship that brings the styles to life.

In 2020, Suzhou Cobblers went online only, where Denise continues to offer her designs.

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