Purple velvet heel shoes

US$ 267.00

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    Our designers have been fascinated by velvet this year. Velvet combines well with hand embroidery. The material may be coarse but the steadying heel on this pair promises smooth steps.

    Outside: hand embroidery gold fish on velvet

    Shape: long and thin shoes, fit for slight feet; leather outsole; suitable for indoor and outdoor wear.

    Heel: 6.5 cm wide high

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    这是一种 油性喷雾,可以运用在棉布,丝绸或皮革上。把喷雾剂均匀的喷在鞋面上,它会在你的鞋面上产生一层保护膜。类似这种喷雾剂也有其他品牌如3M, 只要在用途栏看清运用范围就可以,记住喷雾剂是在棉布,丝绸上使用的。我们学会了保护,我们就不用担心会弄脏了,但即使这样雨天和雪天还是建议不要穿。