Master Class at Suzhou Cobblers

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    Master Class at Suzhou Cobblers


    Course content: Suzhou Cobblers offers a master class in embroidery that will allow participants to produce a design that will be used to make a pair of slippers. This three-hour course is taught by Suzhou Cobblers designer Denise Huang. Participants will learn basic pattern design and produce their own embroidery. It will be used to make one pair of slippers by Suzhou Cobblers studio.


    Duration: 3 hours

    Place: Glam at M on the Bund

    20 Guangdong Road, Floor 7,

    At Waitan


    Register: send name and phone number to

    * This course is limited to 8 adult participants

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    Registration Information

    * After full payment is required to register the seats reserved curriculum;
    * 10 days before commencement, class retreat for a full refund;
    * Within 7 days of non-refundable, but may retain the amount of the deductible fees or other similar programs;
    * 3 days rebate does not change;
    * Only one person participated in one of those places.
    * If the cause because the number of people dissatisfied with the course will not commence on time, a full refund, or to reserve a seat next commenced.

    payment channels:
    Wechat: Denise074310
    In person: Suzhou Cobblers, 17 Fuzhou Road (near the Bund)

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